About Nina


Hey folks, I’m Nina, the cook/baker/blogger/photographer behind Nina’s Cooking Journey.  By day I’m an accountant which means I’m very serious (not really) and I wear glasses but cooking and baking are my passion!  I’m from Chicago but currently live in Kansas City with my husband and amazing son 🙂

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When I graduated college I found myself living on my own and cooking for myself for the first time!  I quickly discovered that my go to meals consisted of Ramon noodles and anything that came in a box (not good, I know lol).  So I decided to learn how to cook for real and began studying cookbooks like I was cramming for a final!  What I discovered was a love and talent for cooking that I never even knew existed.  I’m still learning more and more everyday and I hope you will share my journey to the perfect most delicious meal one recipe at a time.  Enjoy the ride!


Thanks to my mom of Evelyn Payne Photography for taking these pictures of me! CLICK HERE to visit her new site